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The Lima- Indiana: the first giant oil and gas field

The Lima- Indiana

Chuck Knox

Approximate time- (varies): 30 to 45 minutes typical

This program discusses the world’s first giant oil and gas field, the Lima-Indiana, which produced out of the Trenton formation in Northwest Ohio, and extended into Central Indiana. The field’s discovery well was drilled in Findlay, Ohio in 1884 and by 1886 the field had been extended all the way to Kokomo, Indiana. This is the field that provided Standard Oil of Indiana with the crude to become the greatest refining, producing and marketing company of the progressive era. It is the field where the pioneers of our industry such as Edward Orton, A. J. Phinney and I.C. White, put modern theories such as the origin of petroleum and natural gas, the dolomitization of limestone as a reservoir, and the separation of natural gas, oil and water in the reservoir due to their specific gravity into practice. The knowledge passed on to us by the documentation of over 100,000 successfully completed wells has great value to the modern Geologist working the Trenton today.

Chuck Knox is a geologist and historian with St Joe Valley Exploration LLC.