Standard Oil Co. Men

Standard Oil Co. Men in the Early Oil Region

Neil J. McElwee

Approximate Time: As needed (Typically 45 minutes/90 minutes)

By the late 1870’s, except for exploration and production, Standard Oil would control more than 80% of the petroleum industry’s functional activity. Many pioneering oilmen who achieved their success in refining and transportation in the first two decades of the industry became critical partners in establishing the Standard Oil combination in the 1870’s. Such men as Jacob Vandergrift of Oil City, John D. Archbold of Titusville, and Charles Lockhart and William Warden of Pittsburgh all became early directors of the Standard Oil combination. The many enterprises these men operated in the early oil region employed scores of executives, hundreds of managers and thousands of workmen. Discover the contributions of the Oil Region men, their personalities, the organization, and determination that went into building Standard Oil.

Neil McElwee is the author of "Oil Creek… the Beginning" and "Standard Oil Co. Men in the Early Oil Region." McElwee is former corporate manager with Columbia Natural Gas and Jones & Laughlin and an ex-naval officer. He is a small business owner in Oil City, PA where he currently resides.