Crew Levick – Cities Service Group

Feb 23, 2009 | Posted in Essays, Pennsylvania Oil Companies

By Neil McElwee, 2009

The Crew Levick Co. was an old Philadelphia company organized in 1862. In time, the Philadelphia firm built a large refinery, the Seaboard Oil Works, on the Delaware River. In the latter 1880’s, William Muir built two refineries in Warren that Crew Levick would become a partner in. Muir built the Glade Oil Works in 1888 and the Muir Oil Works in 1889. Crew Lewick acquired an interest in both Warren refineries in 1891. The Muir – Crew Levick partnership in 1893 built the Pennsylvania Paraffine Works in Titusville on the site of the former Acme No. 3 plant between South Washington and South Perry.

A new Pennsylvania Paraffine Works plant in eastern Titusville on East Spring and Main near the Titusville Iron Works property was completed by the partnership in 1906. William Muir became President of the Pennsylvania Paraffine Works. In 1911, Muir organized the Bessemer Refining Co. and built the Bessemer refinery on the rear property of the Pennsylvania Paraffine Works. Muir sold his interests in the two Titusville refineries and the Warren refinery property to Crew Levick in 1915.

Cities Service, a New York City firm organized in 1910 by Henry Doherty, purchased in 1916 Crew Levick’s two refineries in Titusville and the Glade Oil Works, in Warren. Consolidating its Northwest Pennsylvania operations in 1927, Cities Service sold its Glade Oil Works in Warren to United Refining and reorganized its Titusville operations into one plant. Trade products produced by the Cities Service Titusville plant included “Koolmotor” gasoline and “Cities Service” lubricants and related products.

In 1950, Quaker State bought Cities Service’s oil leases in the region, the firm’s gathering pipelines and the Titusville refinery. Quaker State closed the Titusville plant.