• Pew and Emerson - Early Oil Region, Men and The Peoples Natural Gas Co.

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    The genesis of the Peoples Natural Gas Co. began with a mighty roar near Murraysville in Westmoreland County; a roar observers of the time claimed could be heard ten miles away. The Haymaker brothers, Michael and Obediah, had been drilling a well for oil with meager resources and equipment in 1878. Disheartened with no encouraging signs, they were about to abandon the well at 500 ft. when H. J. Brunot stepped in with encouragement and financing. The Haymakers continued drilling to a depth of 1,400 ft. when the earth suddenly and without warning on November 3, 1878 shook violently and exploded with an enormous stream of natural gas that blew the rigging over a hundred feet into the air. Releasing 30 to 40 million cubic ft. of gas a day, the great Haymaker Well became a natural wonder people from all over the country came to see.


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    In 1919, the great Mid-Continent Field of Kansas and Oklahoma produced 193 million barrels of crude, more than half of all the crude produced in the United States. At the time, this gigantic field was producing nearly twice as much as California and more than twice as much as the combined production of the Appalachian, Gulf, Rocky Mountain, Illinois and Lima Fields.


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    Emma Summers was early owner of oil wells in California. Confident of inevitable success, Emma purchased interests in other wells before her first well was finished. She hired her own workmen, personally purchased drilling tools and supplies and superintended the daily work and well development. She was not afraid of going into debt and would work at night teaching piano to help pay her workers and the growing stack of bills.

  • The 42 Gallon Barrel [History]

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    As crude prices hit record highs, questions arise over barrel measurement [history]

  • Three Fabulous Decades

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    The decades from 1900 to 1930 were the period of accelerated development for the petroleum industry. Accelerated development is when improvements multiply, prices are reduced, new markets are tapped, and the industry swiftly expands.

  • Oil Strategy in World War II

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    The Allies hastened their victory by crippling German synthetic gasoline capacity and by severing Japan’s precarious supply lines.

  • John F. Carll: The First Petroleum Geologist and Engineer

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    John Franklin Carll was born in Bushwick, New York, now Brooklyn, on May 7, 1828. Carll moved to Venango County, Pennsylvania in 1864.

  • Charles Lockhart

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    Charles Lockhart of Pittsburgh first became involved in the early Pittsburgh area petroleum trade in 1852, seven years before the commercial success of the Drake Well in 1859.

  • George Bissell: Oil Industry Patriarch

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    George Bissell in New York City learned by telegraph of the Drake Well’s success the same day the good news reached nearby Titusville in late August 1859.

  • Galena Oil

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    Galena Oil manufactured in Franklin rose from humble beginnings in the 1860s to lubricate all the railroads in the United States and Canada, 75 percent of the South American railroads, 29 percent of the street railways in the United States and a large percentage of the rail lines in Europe.

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